Summary of Sun Jin Moon's Inaugural Address, FFWPU International President

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I have only been praying and hoping since True Father's Seong Hwa that the True Family could unite as one family to love and support our True Mother during her most trying times. I 'never will let go of' this hope that we can all come together as one family and work to realize True Parents' ideal of Cheon Il Guk.

One moment that I will never forget was being with my family in the hospital after the helicopter accident. True Father had suffered great injury, but his only concern was True Mother. When he heard she was in the operating room, despite his pain he gathered all of my brother's hands and said you 'must become one family centered on True Mother'.

True Mother does not make personnel decisions casually, and especially such a difficult decision concerning the International President. True Mother never focuses on her own personal, horizontal feelings or preferences on anything, even in relation to her own children. She has lived her life with a clear vertical attendance to our Heavenly Parent throughout her life.

Her only reason to live and breathe has been to liberate all of fallen humankind and 'fulfill her mission as God's only begotten daughter'. I completely bow down and respect that True Mother has full authority, the same authority as True Father, to advance God's providence. I can only bow before you.

As I take up this daunting responsibility please be assured of two things. First of all, I will do my very best to attend and serve True Mother. Secondly, I will also do my very best to encourage and support you in your areas of responsibility. At the same time, I want to learn from each of you. Let us also continually strive to awaken and renew our community, building a community that embodies the true love ideal that we speak of, a community that comes to be known throughout the world as 'the live for the sake of others community.'

We all share a common origin and source of love, life, and lineage: our Heavenly Parent. True Parents revealed the deepest understanding of the heart of Heavenly Parent, the Heart of Hope at the time of creation, the Heart of Agony at the time of the Fall, and the Heart of Parental Love throughout the history of restoration. Also, it is only through True Parents that we understand and can directly experience the full manifestation of our Heavenly Parent, as a perfected couple, a man and a woman, a husband and wife.

This was Heavenly Parent's hope when Adam and Eve were created. Each step of providential history over the millennia leading up to Jesus was guided by the original ideal of the True Parents. 'Postponed, but never abandoned,' Heavenly Parent's providence, centered on Christianity, gave rise to the great civilizations, successively of Rome, England and America.

True Mother was born as a daughter of heaven, raised up by Dae Mo Nim not as her personal daughter, but as one called to be the bride of the messiah. How utterly miraculous and awesome that Heavenly Parent raised up True Mother so that she could stand with True Father to fulfill the goal and purpose of human history. True Parents exist because both True Father and True Mother were raised up by heaven and 'fulfilled their responsibilities.'

It brings me to tears as I witness the physical difficulties she overcomes in order to clean up and finish what we all, as her children, have yet to do. She continually forgives, hopes, and carries the cross, doing all she can to keep the door open so that all her children can be saved. Abogi, omoni, jaesong ham nida! Father, Mother I am sorry. I apologize every day to True Parents and acknowledge my inadequacy; I know that I am not enough. But it is True Mother who encourages and unconditionally believes in and loves me. That is why I have the courage to go on.

This same love and encouragement she has asked me to convey to you, so that we, as one family under our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, can be victorious. If you face difficulty on your path, please know that True Parents unconditionally love you and are with you. We need to all grow to become 'true parents, true teachers and true owners.' True Parents' vision is beyond space and time. It carries us forward despite the reality and struggle we may experience in life; it is a path of true love, true filial piety, and true life, and it is 'the only path that liberates the suffering heart of our Heavenly Parent, who longs for all of his seven billion children to come home.'

I'd like to underscore the following points for your consideration, and as goals or objectives that we can work on together. First of all, let us uphold True Parents as the absolute center of our movement. 'True Father and True Mother are absolutely one.' In True Father's last words he professed that he had completed everything. He also repeatedly proclaimed our True Mother as his completed and perfected equal.

Secondly, let us practice tribal messiahship, reaching out to everyone we meet and sharing True Parents vision. A branch that is united absolutely with True Parents is like part of the 'Banyan tree' that True Mother has often spoken about. We must each be renewed, and adjust to the era after the coming of heaven. Whatever our area of responsibility or service, we can build our 'tribe' of friends, associates, contacts, neighbors, Ambassadors for Peace, and establish our '430 network,' by serving, loving and teaching them about our True Parents.

Thirdly, let us always understand that we each have 'our own portion of responsibility.'

Fourthly, let us maintain the core tradition of Hoon Dok Hae on a daily basis. By daily reading of the Word, we become re-connected as a Blessed Central Family to 'the origin and core of our faith.'

Fifthly, let us understand that not only the human world is an expression of our Heavenly Parent, but also the entire creation, all living things and all material things. We 'must honor every natural and living being.' By doing so, we are attending our Heavenly Parent.

Sixthly, let us cultivate our character and our mindfulness. The 'forgive, love, and unite' message that True Mother has emphasized is the key to individual, familial, tribal, national and worldwide unity and salvation.

Seventh, it is paramount that we deepen our faith. We each have much to learn and much to do. As we made glorious strides toward realizing the 2020 vision through the recent events of Foundation Day 2015, we should 'keep our focus and determination' going forward. Let us 'work together' and 'support all of our family members' so that we can realize this vision.

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